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When my home was new...

Yes, it has been a while since I’ve last posted. And to my friends who have been following my blog, I sincerely hope my “block” is over. For some time I haven’t written, but have been very introspective. First, my oldest daughter graduated from college. A huge step in her life towards starting her own career and life separate from me. I am incredibly proud of her accomplishments and support her as she now enters graduate school. She will make a fine philosopher, professor and human being. I’ve attended her graduation and spent time with her at my home. She is now establishing roots in her new college town and I am so proud for her. I wish my parents and my older sister were here to see how much she’s blossomed. Second, my youngest daughter finished her first year of college. Her year held a few ups and a few downs but she seems to have settled nicely into working at the college and taking charge of life. I’ve seen changes in her personality these past few months that show me she is growing up. She, too, will be someone who I wish my parents could have known in her adulthood. I am very proud of how she has taken charge of her life and her goals in just the last few months. So, again, I have been more introspective as my girls show clear signs of becoming adults in their own right. I’ve always been a mom of two beautiful, little girls….now I am the mom of two beautiful young women.

I am also facing change, to which I haven’t always been receptive. My family home, where I lived most of my childhood and where my parents lived out their lives, looks to be sold within the month. While it will remain in our family, it does mean change for me. I was the middle child and, by most studies I’ve read, I am a typical middle child. I was extremely close to my parents, always stayed “close to home” and was the most introverted (shy) child of the family. Our family has slowly been cleaning out the house, my younger sister has gotten all her mementoes and such. I, on the other hand, was always lagging behind…and still have lots to move from the house. I have found, after much soul-searching, it was my way of hanging on to the past. I am now coming to grips with this and will be moving my things from the house and into storage soon…and facing the future. I am glad a new family with kids who will love the yard and the house will be there soon. I will have a week or so to have the home to myself and move my memories into storage. This time with my house, and my memories of growing up, will be important to me. The ‘things’ that tied me to my past will be gone and I am looking ahead to my future! Maybe it is time I grew up, my daughters have.

I had a wonderful childhood home,


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