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Look out 2012…

In just a few short weeks a brand new year will be here! New Year…New Resolution…New Outlook!

I actually succeeded in following through with my main resolutions last year and have decided to focus my energy this year on my writing…my resolutions included.

1) I will attend more local and regional writers’ meetings. As a member of several organizations, I tend to find myself busy or my time already allotted when meetings roll around. Resolution? I will make calendar entries WAY ahead of time to give myself no reasons to miss out on meeting and networking with local writers.

2) I will attend more local/regional conferences. I loved the Moonlight and Magnolias Conference held in Atlanta this year. While RWA has an annual convention that is my absolute LOVE…it is too far for this Southern girl to travel this year. (I’m already looking forward to 2013) I already have M&M12 on my to-do list. I also have been invited to a nearby convention in Florida that I am considering. NOLA Stars, located in Louisiana is getting some of my attention as a possible contender as well as a couple of events in Texas. I really, really want to attend Lori Foster’s event this year as well as the one in Chicago by Romantic Times. If my budget allows (and cooperates) I want to attend both. Otherwise, I want to attend one in 2012 and the other in 2013.

3) I’ve already begun a calendar of ‘events’ exclusive to my writing. Goals for works in progress, places for meetings and conferences, must have dates for blogging and having guest bloggers, more well-defined writing times and upcoming contest. 

Will I succeed in making 2012 my year? Hopefully! I plan to give it more time and more serious devotion and, with lots of perserverance and luck, I plan to have some of my writing out there for you all to be reading!

Do you have any resolutions planned specific to your writing career? Please comment and let me know what you have planned!

Have a wonderful holiday,



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