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Looking ahead…..

As December gets into full swing, I find myself reflecting on the year that has passed, and on the goals I have set for the new year.

In 2010 I mourned the loss of my grandmother, who succumbed to cancer and strokes at the age of 97. She led a long and full life, and she saw so many changes that occurred in her lifetime both in our country and throughout the world. She was a source of information for my research on life in the USA during the Depression and the years before and after it.

I officially have an empty nest now, both my daughters are in college….while one is beginning her freshman year the other is soon to graduate from her studies. She won’t be coming back home to nest though, she is already preparing applications and writing samples and transcripts to apply to graduate school. Looks as though we will have a professor in the family someday!

After being a caregiver more or less for the past ten years, I have begun to appreciate the idea of getting myself back into shape again. This means I want to get myself healthier….complete with a better diet and more exercise….goals of many women my age…but goals I intend to honor. Procrastination crept into my life this past year as well…and I intend to work towards fighting this horrid habit.

As I look around me at all the people beginning to enjoy the holiday season I realize how precious and blessed everyone is…to their families, employees or employers, their loved ones….

So what does 2011 hold for me?

I have promised myself to focus more on my writing and keep up with a better schedule (both for my writing and my home). I have promised myself to see my children more…to enjoy their accomplishments and let them know how proud they make me. I have promised myself to be happy in my own skin…to work towards being and feeling healthy and happy and content. I also have promised myself to take a few more chances. As Elvis Presley once said…we only live once, we don’t get to come back for an encore. Hopefully 2011 will be the year I get a book accepted for publication (hey, I’m in an optimistic mood tonight!).

I love my writing, my new friends on Facebook and Twitter and all that being a part of the writing community has brought me.

Here’s to a wonderful holiday season, and as I prepare for my Christmas with my family….and I reflect on the year that is almost over…..I look forward to a brand new year!

Feelin’ good about the future,


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