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A Little like Chicken Little…

Life for most of us has been slightly interrupted by the possibility of a ‘chunk’ or two of the abandoned NASA UARS satellite falling from the sky…

Most satellites have now been designed to break into pieces small enough to burn up upon entry while descending to Earth during its ‘death’. This satellite, however, has been in orbit since before these designs were incorporated. Therefore, there are several pieces too large to entirely disintegrate before reentry that will indeed strike the Earth. While the chance of any pieces striking a person is very, very remote…the chance of seeing a reentering piece is possible. A short video on YouTube shows a few seconds of the burn one such piece experienced. Along with many videos posted of imaginative fake falling satellite pieces…soon (I hope!) more actual videos will be posted. It is not only a historical event but think of it…doesn’t it bring to mind Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds…just a bit?

To date no person has been hurt by a piece of falling debris, according to recent news articles. Sightings of falling debris over the skies near Southern California have been reported. It feels a bit like science fiction…streaks of light entering our atmosphere…from a satellite orbiting our Earth for longer than many readers have even been here themselves! Stuff to spark the imagination of budding writers!

Celebrating the beginning of autumn (a favorite season!) and a beautiful day…and hoping this recent news event may spark a creative sci-fi writer’s imagination,


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For the past two years I have not been able to attend the national RWA conference. However, this year…..I will be attending the Moonlight and Magnolias conference presented by the Georgia Romance Writers. To be held in Atlanta, this year’s theme is the Course of True Love. Sounds heavenly!

Keynote speaker will be Eloisa James, one of my current favorite authors. I had the opportunity to hear her speak in Washington DC at the RWA conference a couple of years ago and I must say she is an incredibly entertaining and insightful writer. I look forward to hearing her speak again.

I have never attended a local conference…but am really looking forward to seeing the presentation of the Maggies. Those judging the unpublished works this year are (information taken from the Georgia Romance Writers website):

Single Title–Holly Blanck, Editor, St. Martins Press*

Series Contemporary–Victoria Curran, Editor, Harlequin*

Inspirational–Charlene Patterson, Editor, Bethany House*

Historical–Tessa Woodward, Editor, Avon

Paranormal–Claire Eddy, Sr. Editor, Tor

Young Adult–Leah Hultenschmidt, Editor, Sourcebooks*

*Also attending the 2011 Moonlight & Magnolias conference.

There will also be a presentation of the Maggie Medallion to a worthy published author!

I am looking forward to meeting other Southern writers as well as writers from other parts of the country (and hopefully a few from other countries).

There will be a wonderful Book Fair, an awards’ ceremony with dinner and dancing and many workshops for published and aspiring authors.

My first conference meeting of this year…and I am getting pretty excited!


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