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Last night I watched Dancing with the Stars for the first time in a very, very long time. Not that I don’t like the show….just that I usually do not watch much network television. But I had heard that Jennifer Grey, the wonderful actress who starred opposite Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, was to be one of the contestants.

I am a great admirer of Swayze for many reasons. First, and probably the  most notable, was his performances in so many of my favorite movies…including Ghost and Dirty Dancing. He probably couldn’t be described as a modern-day Clark Gable but he was most definitely a person you did not forget after having seen him perform. Buddy to his friends, he had a mother who taught ballet and he even met his beautiful wife while dancing at his mother’s studio. He had the ability to mesmerize me when he appeared onscreen. Was it his personality? His acting ability? Perhaps it was his movements as he walked, talked, danced or fought onscreen. After all, he was a professionally trained dancer and it showed in the way he moved. Also, because I am a great advocate of cancer patients, victims, survivors and all the much-needed research needed to develop cures for this terrible disease, I watched as he valiantly fought one of the most deadly of cancers. His fight and determination to live his life so reminded me of my mother and my sister as they fought (and lost) this battle themselves.

But I digress. I watched to see Jennifer Grey as she performed a fabulous Viennese waltz…the first time I’ve seen her dance since her performance as Baby. It was awe-inspiring. Yes, I am an incurable romantic…and I knew her dance reminded her of the times she and Patrick practiced and performed for their movie. But the effect it had on her and on those who were there to support her and those who watched the televised performance…it was more than heartwarming. It brought tears to my eyes as she glided across the stage.

I read recently she, too, was found to have cancer. A little known fact…but during the physical to become a Dancing with the Stars participant a lump on her neck was tested and found to be malignant. It was subsequently removed and, again from reports in the news, she is now fine and has a clean bill of health. I am so happy she decided at this time to dance for us again…and even more happy this lump was found and removed in time……

I fell in love with the story of Baby and her handsome dance teacher, Johnny. My family picks on me because I watch movies that mean something to me over and over again…this one included. But I can’t help it….love, romance, overcoming obstacles….great inspiration for a writer’s soul.

It affected me in more ways than one,

Now I want to learn the Viennese waltz,


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Do you ever think life conspires to give you just so much stuff to juggle that sometimes your writing gets off-balance?

I have been so excited to have time for my writing…with the kids at school and my house sorta clean and my mind set on being organized. Better said (or typed) than done. I have been involved in getting my parents’ home ready to be sold, storing things that are still sentimental to me without getting overcrowded (ever hear of Hoarders…my keepsakes are starting to take over!), helping my sister and aunt as we sort my grandmother’s things (she was 97, so there are lots of memories and keepsakes for me here as well!), trying to get my DR field and lawn mower to a DR approved shop for repairs (odd, my dad bought this thing and for some unknown reason it is fun to me to mow down weeds and things in my backyard (which currently looks like a jungle) and let’s see……..can we say procrastinate?

Once again I am back to my computer. My writing will begin on schedule again. And even as I look around my neglected office (the computer repair guy tell me I’m on his Top 10 of Messiest Offices he’s ever seen!) I realize I’ve neglected myself by neglecting my writing. Feel free to fuss at me, tell me some of the things you do to keep on task. I tried to-do lists…they are buried somewhere here on my desk

Time to get serious and play some catch-up,


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