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SAMSUNGHow long have you been a writer? Or have dreamed of becoming one?

How many of you pictured yourselves stretched on a chaise sofa, dictating your wonderful, flowery prose to an assistant as your editor phones with book promotion tour information, lots of money stacked in the corner or, better yet, your staff caring for your every whim as you release book after New York best seller book….

No, that is not the average life of a modern writer. And most likely not the life of a pre-modern writer. Unless you are the new Barbara Cartland…and even this picture is just too much to have been her every day normal life.

Writing is a solitary life. Very few writers have an assistant at their beck and call. Editors (seen only in old movies) usually do not do JUST YOUR BOOK, but edit hundreds of manuscripts every year.

We write. We query. We send proposals. Someday we could get a great contract deal or a following which allows for less querying and proposing….just more writing.

Writing is not a profession to enter into if you want instant fame, instant gratification or throngs of fans. Being J. K. Rowling is not something that happens every day. We can wish it, we can dream it….but write for yourself, to share your craft, to feel good about your gift and especially for those who read your work. The glory comes from knowing you have touched someone else’s life…and hopefully in a good way.

Sometimes I write curled on the sofa or sitting in the floor as my cats try to chase away my thoughts. Sometimes I go to my quiet office and allow my daydreams and characters to come to life. Sometimes I grit my teeth and stare at an empty page  or into that vast empty space where my imagination refuses to go. Sometimes I cannot type fast enough to catch all my thoughts.

Such is the life of an author. A writer. And wouldn’t you know, most of us absolutely love it…sharing those thoughts that capture our imagination and hoping they inhabit your thoughts as well…




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“Comedy keeps the heart sweet.”  ~~ Mark Twain

In two days we will celebrate one holiday set aside for love, for lovers and for all the goodies we can buy to celebrate these things. I adore holidays, Valentine’s Day included! So what do I want for this wonderful day? A sweet bouquet? I’d love one, right here next to me at my desk. A card? Sure, who doesn’t love reading sweet verse about how loved you are? A gift? Not an expensive one, but gifts are, again, always appreciated.

I don’t really need those things….I would just appreciate a happy thought, a good chuckle, a few smiles during the day.

So for those of you who cannot afford or don’t want to give the usual candy or flowers or cards….give your loved one some of your time. Share some happy memories, share drams of your future, share some smiles, some laughter. Share what matters most, time together.

But, if you want to give a card, that bouquet of flowers, that cute lingerie you found at the mall go ahead! Just remember to throw in some quality time together, that is the thing she (or he) will remember most!

A Happy Valentine’s Day to you all,


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Alcott Home

Last week I had the privilege of visiting the Orchard House, home of Louisa May Alcott. Ms. Alcott was the author of many stories and books in the 1800’s and is well known for her classic, Little Women. She based this book largely on the things that happened to her and her own sisters as they grew up in America’s New England area.

While visiting the area and looking for something to do on a rainy day, we decided to take the drive from Boston to Ms. Alcott’s restored home. Along the way we stopped at Walden’s Pond (yes, THE pond of Henry David Thoreau’s writings). It was misting rain and an almost surreal aura was surrounding the pond and wooded area around it. But I must admit, just standing and absorbing the atmosphere is a great way to rejuvenate a writer’s senses.

Just a short drive from the pond is the Alcott home, restored to most of it’s former glory. Actual family writings, artwork, furniture…incredible. To stand in the foyer of the home of one of America’s most well-known authors, to see the room where Louisa May and her sisters (as well as her characters Jo and HER sisters) staged their plays and grew into womanhood, to feel that atmosphere. Amazing.

Visit www.louisamayalcott.org for further information on this great place to visit. Not only will you see a piece of history perhaps it will be an inspiration to you.

For this writer, who is fascinated with all things from that era, it has been a chance to not only experience a bit of history…but to feel the ambience of the Alcott home…ahhh… I am ready to write!

I will return someday to explore this place further,


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