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Alcott Home

Last week I had the privilege of visiting the Orchard House, home of Louisa May Alcott. Ms. Alcott was the author of many stories and books in the 1800’s and is well known for her classic, Little Women. She based this book largely on the things that happened to her and her own sisters as they grew up in America’s New England area.

While visiting the area and looking for something to do on a rainy day, we decided to take the drive from Boston to Ms. Alcott’s restored home. Along the way we stopped at Walden’s Pond (yes, THE pond of Henry David Thoreau’s writings). It was misting rain and an almost surreal aura was surrounding the pond and wooded area around it. But I must admit, just standing and absorbing the atmosphere is a great way to rejuvenate a writer’s senses.

Just a short drive from the pond is the Alcott home, restored to most of it’s former glory. Actual family writings, artwork, furniture…incredible. To stand in the foyer of the home of one of America’s most well-known authors, to see the room where Louisa May and her sisters (as well as her characters Jo and HER sisters) staged their plays and grew into womanhood, to feel that atmosphere. Amazing.

Visit www.louisamayalcott.org for further information on this great place to visit. Not only will you see a piece of history perhaps it will be an inspiration to you.

For this writer, who is fascinated with all things from that era, it has been a chance to not only experience a bit of history…but to feel the ambience of the Alcott home…ahhh… I am ready to write!

I will return someday to explore this place further,


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