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Constructing websites…

For the past several weeks I have been considering changing the look of my writing website. It has remained the same for quite some time…same background, same layout, same general information. I’ve even been playing with different types of layouts as I ‘teach myself’ how to update my pages. One thing that I learned quickly…re-building a website is not done in a day…or even two!

For those of us who are a bit HTML challenged, using website building software seems to be the way to go. Also several web hosts (both free and fee based) offer premade web pages. Simply fill in your information and upload to the Internet.

I am considering adding pages to discuss ebooks, progress on current work in progress and a few other goodies I’ve seen while exploring the web pages of some of my own favorite authors. Just comparing my own to theirs has given me some great ideas. I am also researching how to get readers and other authors interested in coming back for regular updates on my writing.

When complete, I will link this blog to my website and I hope you will feel free to check it out and send any comments or suggestions my way. I always appreciate constructive criticism.

Oh, if you have any suggestions or advice to pass on now…..please do!

Time to get back to learning about links and codes and color palettes,


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