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Been missing in action…

Sorry to anyone out there who has wondered what has happened to me these last two or three weeks. I try to stay focused and keep my writing and networking up to date but lately life has thrown a few things at me that I cannot ignore.

As writers, we tend to concentrate on the artistic, creative juices and other things tend to blend into the background. I’ve not meant to be missing in action but the one ‘job’ that comes before my writing is being a mom to my beautiful daughters.

As April has drawn to a close and May is just around the corner, more of my time this year is being spent on my kids. One is completing her first year in college and debating what major she should pursue. One with great job potential? One that is more interesting to her but may not lead to any solid positions when she graduates? Perhaps one that is incredibly interesting or incredibly boring or just incredibly basic. And my other daughter graduates college in just a couple of weeks, with her eyes already set on the Masters program she starts in the fall.

As I’ve counseled and cheered on my daughters the month has slipped past me. But I can’t be too upset with myself (although this cannot become a habit, missing my posts) because I have been missing in action for a very good reason.

Being a mom has always been foremost in my life. And these two are my greatest cheerleaders.

Sorry I’ve been missing most of this month,



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