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From www.history.com for this date in history:
American Revolution
Archibald Bulloch dies under mysterious circumstances, 1777
Lee Petty wins first Daytona 500, 1959
Civil War
Battle of West Point, Mississippi, 1864
Cold War
George Kennan sends "long telegram" to State Department, 1946
Gang commits largest robbery in British history, 2006
Deadly tornadoes rip through central Florida, 1998
General Interest
The U.S. acquires Spanish Florida, 1819
Battle of Buena Vista begins, 1847
Suharto takes full power in Indonesia, 1967
Tet Offensive ends, 1968
Actress Drew Barrymore born, 1975
Edna St. Vincent Millay is born, 1892
Milli Vanilli win the Best New Artist Grammy, 1990
Old West
Montana passes law against sedition, 1918
George Washington is born, 1732
U.S. hockey pulls off Miracle on Ice, 1980
Vietnam War
Westmoreland asks for Marines, 1965
Operation Junction City begins, 1967
World War I
Mussolini wounded by mortar bomb, 1917
World War II
President Roosevelt to MacArthur: Get out of the Philippines, 1942

This date has a wealth of history. Not only did several things happen that changed events in the world, many events happened in local regions throughout.  Using today’s date as an example…for a person writing about early Americana, one glance at this page taken from www.history.com (website of the History Channel) shows interesting things about future president George Washington (this date is his birthdate) and  Archibald Bulloch (a mysterious death…great fodder for a novel). Writing a World War I or II epic? What story of either would be complete without including Mussolini or MacArthur? A visit to any of these sites can get a writer’s creative juices flowing.

I am interested in writing about the Civil War era…nearly 150 years ago the Battle of West Point, Mississippi occurred. For the Confederates it was a battle resulting in turning General William T. Sherman back from his objective.

Poet Edna St. Vincent Millay was born on this date…she went on to become a Pulitzer Prize winner for a book written in 1923. Her life story is very interesting, quite an interesting series of events!

All are great events in history, all happened on February 22. Perhaps reading and researching an event you see online or hear about in today’s news will spark that writer’s imagination and a new book or series of books will be born!

Here’s to sparking the imagination,


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