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Just thinking….

What does being an author mean to me? Or, for comparison, what does it mean to you?

If you are reading my posts, it is probable you are either a reader or a writer of novels. Probably both.

If you are a reader, I am sure you have favorite authors whose works you read all the time. You possibly follow their careers and purchase the books as they are released. (I, for instance, adore books by Judith McNaught. She spoke with me once years ago about my love of writing. Not only did she impress me with her enthusiasm for writing….she inspired me to follow my dreams someday.) This habit goes all the way back to my childhood. Nancy Drew. The Hardy Boys. Victoria Holt Gothics. Mark Twain classics. Even (for those who can remember) the Bobbsey Twins. LOL, I still have a couple of these books in my shelves as well.

And what if you are a writer? Do you write each and every day, is this your primary career or is this your “other” job? Believe me, many authors have to hold down jobs in addition to their careers as writers…it isn’t always as you’d imagine. Many authors can call this their primary career, jet off to amazing places to savor exotic locales for their novels or earn their living solely doing what they love. Even more work regular jobs then come home to their writing. Which would you prefer to be?

Pictures of Barbara Cartland and the overwhelming number of books she’d written come to mind. It is hard to fathom, but she earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records for having sold over 1,000 million books! Unbelievable! But impressive to say the least!

My friends I’ve come to know via Facebook or Twitter or writers’ conventions often are homemakers and nurses and teachers and secretaries and new moms…the list goes on and on. In those few minutes they have free, these writers follow their dreams and write many of your favorite books. They are published authors with books with beautiful covers sitting on the shelves of your favorite bookstores.

So, back to my question. What does being an author mean to me? I’d love to be a Lisa Kleypas or an Eloisa James. Maybe even tomorrow’s Judith McNaught. I want to write those novels that touch your senses, creep into your dreams, make you reread favorite passages. Then again, seeing my name on that one beautiful book on the bookstore shelves…what a rush it would be!

To the readers out there, we appreciate you so much!  To the writers out there, keep on writing! And yes, to the publishers and agents and editors…you are invaluable to the whole process of  of connecting readers and authors!

As for me, I am still following my dream,



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