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Inspiration in a New Year

I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on…a fact my parents loved to pass on to everyone who knew our family. My nightly reading material as a kid wasn’t a comic book….it was the encyclopedia. I’d choose a volume and find articles that blew my mind. I’d read about a subject, then pull another volume to read more about that person or subject, then more until I’d exhausted most of the available material about it. Computers were not available back then, which may tell more about my age than I’d like but it also meant more reasons to go to the library or to hit those encyclopedias.

Not only a lover of research, I was a huge fiction fan. I remember reading Victoria Holt Gothic romances and loving them, imagining myself on the moors of England. I was a fan of Westerns, of biographies and of romance.

I was even a huge believer in sending mail, that written word to connect with others. A favorite uncle in New England would send me letters, I’d subscribe to pen pal pages and I’d write friends and family nearby. This is one thing I truly  miss…that handwritten letter or note from one person to another seems to have such a personal feel. I have become an email person but I cherish mail I receive even today.

Since the start of this year I have three, yes three, ideas I plan to develop. Two fictional stories and another based on the time spent as a caregiver to my parents and to my spouse in a period of over ten years. I really believe anyone who cares for or loves or knows a terminally ill or seriously sick family member or friend could get a little inspiration from another who has been in their shoes.

2011 is an exciting year for me! I have been filled with ideas and with the need to write….I am hoping this is the year for me to blossom. I’m not sure I can keep up with my muse…

I am proud to be a member of the writing community,


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