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Becoming an Author

For years I have admired authors of all genres. To many people, becoming a writer is probably considered a simple accomplishment….write a few words, intersperse them with a few scenes (depending of genre, this could be murders, pirates pillaging or bodices ripping), mail this off and wait to become an author. Trust me, this is not the case.

Writing is a career not to be taken lightly. If one has a regular day job PLUS pursues a writing career there are so many pitfalls. Kids need attention, jobs need attention, spouses need attention, housework has to be done and yes, manuscripts require time. Think of this as two full time jobs in one…added to the everyday chores of being a homeowner, student, parent or whatever.

For those lucky enough to write and not have that other day job to contend with, there are still the rigors of everyday chores and childcare, dealing with issues with others who view your “writing career” as a silly venture and actually scheduling and getting to your writing. Gosh, so many writers I have spoken with spend hours in the middle of the night or early morning fitting in this vocation.

Self-discipline is a must. Working in your home is a very hard thing to do. So many times housework intrudes in a writer’s world. Honestly, who can sit and concentrate when just a few yards away you know there is a load of laundry waiting to be washed…the buzzer goes off on the dryer and no one is home to do this task (but you, of course), your children or spouse calls and needs errands run (since you are home…probably not doing anything LOL), schools expect you, as a stay at home parent, to volunteer more, ah, the list could go on indefinitely.

This year I am learning to maintain my discipline. This isn’t easy, given things going on in my life. BUT, I intend to be an author and I intend on focusing more on my career this year than ever before. Therefore, I am setting limits to the things that can divert my attention, I am researching publishers and agents while researching and writing my manuscripts, I am thinking of setting myself a regular writing time and seeing how well I can stick to it…and I am digging my heels in when it comes to adding on to my pile of “to-do” lists.

I want this to be MY year,


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