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Welcome New Year!!!

We are three days into the year 2011…have you made (or broken) any resolutions in that short time?

I usually make the usual New Year resolutions. You know the type…lose weight, spend more time with my family, achieve something I let slide the past year. LOL, to actually KEEP my resolutions has even been a resolution on occasion.

This year, however, I have set goals instead of resolutions. True, I have resolved to be a more optimistic and happier person but I mean I have really set goals for myself. Barring tragedy or unforeseen barriers, I have taken time to assess my writing and my personal life and have set goals for  2011. Realistic goals…not to be the best-selling author of all time by December but goals for my writing times, books I have in varying stages of creation, resetting my attitude toward what I want from my writing. These types of goals.

2011 is a special year for me. My oldest daughter completes her senior year of college while my youngest daughter completes her first year of college. I see them goals I wished for them so many years ago!!!

What have you done to ready yourself for 2011? Started a journal to keep track of your experiences? Reassessed your personal lives or professional lives and set into motion a plan for your future? Bought that treadmill or workout set or gym membership and thrown out all those wonderful, decadent chocolates and goodies?

This year I want to plan realistically. I always have my dreams hitched to a star…for 2011 I plan to grab on and hang tight….and start that climb to my star one day at a time.

I wish you health and happiness for the New Year,



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