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National Novel Writing Month

Each November writers, both  professional and amateur, are invited to participate in the National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as NaNo. It is a wonderful exercise in meeting goals in writing….and geared toward writing your novel in one months’ time, or at least completing 50,000 words of your novel. The main focus is on quantity of words, not quality. After the program ends….feel free to go back and tweak your work and who knows, perhaps you will have your own novel written!

Support is there in numbers! Writers join and befriend others…and discuss their objectives online. Charts are available online for those who wish to see their own progress as well as the progress of their friends, others from their area and all writers involved. There is even a program for younger writers! According to the NaNo website, over 165,000 writers participated  in 2009 and of these over 30,000 completed their 50,000 words!

Check it out at www.nanowrimo.org and see if you are interested in writing along with thousands of others! Sign up anytime between now and November 1 then create your own novel! As I’ve said, you will be writing with thousands of others who share an interest in putting their own words to paper.

Have a great NaNoWriMo,


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