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I enjoy the art of writing. It is an incredible feeling to create situations, places, people and loves; then sit back and watch as they develop character and depth from your own imagination. Writing is a fulfilling obsession…

But…..there is also the business end of writing. I am not yet published but I have been starting the basics of getting my name out there….amongst the writers and readers of the world. I am now blogging, I am tweeting, I have started a website and I have a Facebook page. I belong to two writers’ groups and I have an assortment of books relating to writing that have been accumulating over  a couple dozen years that grace my bookshelves.  I have successfully pitched a book at a national convention….sent in my work and was told it was good….but that line of the publication was no longer being printed. It stoked my writing spirit….I still have confidence! However, the business end of writing…and there is so much more….is something I need to also be studying.  Things like taxes and deductions and what is allowed and what is not. To date this is something I have not looked at mainly because to this date most of my writing is just that….writing. No big expenditures and no income!

I’ve developed a love of the writing, I am learning how to socialize online and I hope that will help me when I DO get published and need to promote my writing….and when my writing creates an income I need to be savvy to the legal and tax knowledge that comes with being an author.

My writing, and my being a writer, is still a work in progress,


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