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I enjoy being friends with other writers on Facebook. It has given me a way to connect with authors who have given me incredible feedback, morale boosts when I’ve needed them and even aid when I have gotten stuck on a thought. It is understandably one of the modern tools of the trade and I don’t see any changes in the near future that would make us stop networking.

My family and personal friends also enjoy Facebook and I love connecting with them as well. Some use it to keep up with old and dear friends from high school or college days, some use it to make plans with current friends and others simply enjoy touching base with friends at the end of a hectic work day.  In all the time I have been acquainted with the idea of Facebook, but not yet a member, I viewed it as more of a tool for teens to interact. True, they are probably a majority of those online, but social networking is now a way of life for many professionals. It is reported over 175 million people use Facebook each day, it is mind-boggling!!

I totally agree that social networking is great for work as well as connecting with known friends and family for ease of access. I do not like the ease that some so-called “friends” have in getting in touch with a person for the wrong reasons. Cyber-stalkers or fake friends are frequently found online. Even as adults we must keep alert for these people who only wish to misuse the system.  Reporting, blocking and unfriending are options often needed and used to deal with those who are not using social networking properly.

Stay alert and see you online,


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