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Papers are scattered everywhere in my office…the computer peeking from the center of my desk. Unfortunately, the monitor is also surrounded by papers. Such is the organizational skills of this writer.  Many times I’ve delegated time to stop whatever I am doing, go into that room filled with paper and dig  my way out.  Many times I have found perfectly wonderful excuses not to do this.

My computer space is a chaotic room with probably more paper than you could imagine. I do genealogy research; research that leads to copies of land deeds, censuses, wills and more. My girls grew up using my computer to do homework, contact friends and explore YouTube…and lots of papers are theirs. Do I throw these out? Do I sneak these stacks into their personal space?

Books on writing, on eighteenth century customs and clothing, on Civil War battles and on genealogy fill the shelves…and are spilling onto various open spaces.

I tell my family I have a fetish for paper…..and quite honestly I think this is true. Unfortunately, this fetish has led to a small room being overrun by paper to the point that I expect the walls to bulge at any moment. Writing takes discipline and time, and I adore writing. I hate messes. Therefore, my current dilemma is how to continue my writing surrounded by the fruits of my labor…and my lack of organization. Do I move to another room and write or do I bite that proverbial bullet and organize my workspace for a day or two…then get back to the business of writing.

If all goes according to my current plan, I will clean out that office (think Trading Spaces or Hoarders….yikes!) while utilizing the den couch to keep current for a short time…..then it will be back to writing in my CLEAN office with hopes of keeping myself more organized this time.

Wish me luck and hopefully I won’t get lost in there…..’cause I have lots of writing yet to do,


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